"Drawing [Nancy Wyman Ray's artwork] successfully overtakes the viewer with seemingly erratic patterns and methodical mark making. The hypnotic web of alternating curvilinear lines and checkered squares systematically bends the illusion of the two-dimensional pic - ture plane ... unity is also fortified by the repetition and variation of the same design in lighter values... I also see a great deal of control in this piece. It is decidedly more about order than chaos... [Drawing] has a fresh quality that seems most intuitive, or innate.
Kristine T. Woodward, Professor of Art, Albright College, Reading, PA.
Artist2Artist Resident Curator of accepted art. ( April 2013.

"NANCY WYMAN RAY of Rock Hill, South Carolina has a great sense of detail and visual precision. Her special ink work, Searchlights, shows this fine delicacy..." Laurence Bradshaw, Curator, Professor of Art University of Neraska, Omaha, NB.
Juror's Statement 15th nnual Abstraction Juried Online International Art Exhibition, (, online exhibit) May, 2013.

"We talk about ourselves as rooted in a place, as blossoming or withering. Nancy Ray ...parallels humans and plants in [Mother Earth] creating a mythic figure reminiscent of Demeter or Daphne."
Doug Stapleton, Curator of Art, Illinois State Museum, Chicago, IL
Juror's Statement, Firmly Rooted Exhibition (2012) Lexington, KY. Nov. 2012.

"Nancy Wyman Ray of Rock Hill, South Carolina creates some moving passages in her textural pieces. Edisto Beach and Moonlight are fine examples of her delicate artistry."
Laurence Bradshaw, Curator, Professor of Art, University of Nebraska, Omaha, NB
Juror's Statement, 14th Annual Abstraction Juried Online International Art Exhibition, (2012), University of Nebraska, Omaha, NB. Oct. 2012.

"The artist's [Nancy Wyman Ray] work is strong visually, graphically, conceptually."
RAPG Panel Comments (Dec. 2011). Arts & Sciences Council, Charlotte, NC. Dec. 2011.

"The dynamic structure of this work [Edisto Beach] is superb."
John B. Henry, III Director Flint Institute of Arts, Flint, MI,
Lynn Fero, CBS Television Distribution
Charles DeBus, Meadows School of the Arts Southern Methodist University
Mark Gordon, Professor of Art at Barton College, Wilson, NC
Jurors' Statement, American Juried Art Salon (2010) Spring/Summer Online Exhibition. March 2010.

"Nancy Ray has a power to her work that often combines quizzical surprise with thought provocation. The viewer can choose the perspective. That's an excellent combination for art."
Bill Henson, Publisher and editor of YC Magazine, Rock Hill, SC
Artist of the Month, January 2008 edition.